Great boilerplate for fast creating React/Redux Applications.

Dev mode

npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3008

Production mode

npm install
npm run build

File locations

  • Routes into: src/index.js
  • Styles into src/containers/styles
  • Forms into src/containers/forms

Using as Host

You may want to change the host in server.js and webpack.config.js from localhost to to allow access from same WiFi network. This is not enabled by default because it is reported to cause problems on Windows. This may also be useful if you're using a VM.


  • React ^15.0.1
  • React-router
  • React-gravatar
  • React-hot-loader
  • React-tinymce
  • Redux
  • Redux Form
  • Simple auth using localStorage
  • Webpack
  • Babel


  • Add more components
  • Add Isomorphic functional
  • ...