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Simple Tabs Component with React

Tabs Component with React JS TODO: - Support dynamic height - Add cool CSS3 animation - Add Swipe events. See the Pen Tabs Component with React by Duc Nguyen (@pandaduc) on CodePen.
28 March 2017

Youtube like with ReactJS and Babel

Youtube like with ReactJS and Babel This is a Youtube like app using React JS. This pen explore Data displaying with React and show how to display different content in a new tab.
06 March 2017

Simple standalone React tab control

Basic React Tab Control Simple standalone React tab control. Some initial concepts based on React-bootstrap Tabs. Basic CSS based on Quick and Simple Tabs. codepen See the Pen Basic React Tab Control by
05 March 2017

React Tabs BY Tobi Weinstock

React Tabs First experimentation with React JS and Flexbox. BY Tobi Weinstock codepen demo See the Pen React Tabs by Tobi Weinstock (@tvweinstock) on CodePen.
22 September 2016

React tabs component

React tabs component Supports React ^0.14.0 or ^15.0.0 Live Demo GitHub
22 September 2016

React Tabs (w/ composition)

React Tabs (w/ composition) BY Anthony Dugois This is the way I prefer to set tabs using React. The most tabs systems I found on the web do not let you to compose
27 August 2016