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Highlight keywords and add colors to your text

react-marker crayon Highlight keywords and add colors to your text Install npm install react-marker This package also depends on React, so make sure you've already installed it. Demo Usage Highlighting keywords To highlight
02 March 2018

Render Markdown as React components

react-markdown Renders Markdown as pure React components. Installing npm install --save react-markdown Live Demo GitHub
21 August 2017

Markdown Previewer Built with React

React Markdown Previewer Markdown Previewer A FreeCodeCamp project Built with React By Leonardo Prates codepen demo See the Pen React Markdown Previewer by Leonardo Prates (@odran037) on CodePen.
28 August 2016

Configurable Markdown Components in React

React Mark Configurable Markdown Components in React. Make your own components to do custom things like to: Add line numbers and syntax highlighting to pre tags. Transform absolute and relative link paths on
15 August 2016