A beautiful and flexible guitar component for React.

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npm i react-guitar
import React from 'react'
import { render } from 'react-dom'
import Guitar from 'react-guitar'

  <Guitar strings={[0, 1, 2, 2, 0, -1]} />,

Check out the storybook for more advanced examples.


Name Description
className A CSS class string to apply to the container element.
strings An array where each number represents the fret the string is pressed on (0 means open string and -1 muted). [0, 1, 2, 2, 0, -1] is an A minor in a standard guitar and [3, 0, 0, 0] is a C major in a ukelele.
frets An object with the shape { from: number amount: number } to configure the frets of the guitar ({ from: 0, amount: 22 } by default). It can start on any fret which is useful for displaying just a chord instead of the whole guitar.
lefty A boolean to configure the guitar for left handed people like me.
center A boolean to indicate if the current fretting should be centered. If set to true the guitar horizontal scroll will be set so that the middle fret is centered.
renderFinger A function (string: number, fret: number) => JSX.Element that will be used to render the content of the white bubble used for the fingers. This can be used to render the note name.
theme A theme object to customise the guitar look and feel. See Theming.
onChange A function (strings: number[]) => void that will be called when a string is press/unpressed. If not present the guitar will be read only.
onPlay A function (string: number) => void that will be called each time the user plays a string (hovering with the mouse). This can be used to play the sound of the string.



In order to enable sound playing react-guitar offers the useSound hook:

import Guitar, { useSound } from 'react-guitar'
import E2 from 'react-guitar/resources/E2.mp3'
import D3 from 'react-guitar/resources/D3.mp3'
import G3 from 'react-guitar/resources/G3.mp3'
import E4 from 'react-guitar/resources/E4.mp3'


const { play, strum } = useSound({ E2, D3, G3, E4 }, strings, tuning)

<Guitar strings={strings} onPlay={play}/>


It receives:

Name Description
samples A map from note names to mp3 files representing the samples. react-guitar offers 4 samples out of the box recorded from a Spanish guitar.
strings The same value passed as the strings prop to the <Guitar /> component with the current fretting.
tuning An array of midi values for each string. react-guitar offers 4 tunings out of the box (standard, ukelele, rondeƱa and dadgad).

And will return an object containing:

Name Description
play A function that receives a string number and plays its current sound.
strum A function that will strum all the strings of the guitar.


react-guitar look and feel can be customised by passing the theme prop. A theme is an object describing the customisable properties of the guitar:

  color: string
  nut: { color: string }
  fret: {
    color: string
    separator: {
      color: string
      radius?: boolean
      shadow?: boolean
      width?: 'sm' | 'md'
    marker?: (fret: number) => JSX.Element | null
    counter: { color: string }
  string: { color: (string: number) => string }
  finger: { text: { color: string }; color: string }

See for an in teractive example.

By default the guitar is styled as a Spanish guitar but some other themes are available:


  • yarn start will spin up the storybook and the site.
  • yarn build will build the component and the site.