Beautiful, fast and modern React UI library.

Quick Start

  1. Installation: Inside your React project directory, install NextUI by running either of the following:
yarn add @nextui-org/react
# or
npm i @nextui-org/react
  1. Setup: For NextUI to work correctly, you need to set up the CssBaseline at the root of your application.

Go to the root of your application and do this:

import { CssBaseline } from '@nextui-org/react';

const Application = () => (
    <CssBaseline /> // ---> Normalize styles
    <AppComponent /> // ---> Your App Component
  1. Using NextUI components: Once NextUI is installed you can use any of the components as follows.
import { Button } from '@next-ui/react';
const Component = () => <Button>Click me</Button>;


Contributions are always welcome!

See for ways to get started.

Please adhere to this project's CODE_OF_CONDUCT.