Harvest Profit UI Components

A collection of React components used by Harvest Profit to rapidly prototype new ideas without re-inventing the wheel.


You can install this via NPM:

npm install harvest-profit-ui

Or Yarn:

yarn add harvest-profit-ui



Each component is actually exported from the main package, so you would simply do
the following:

import { Button, InputString } from 'harvest-profit-ui';


You will need something to compile SASS, like webpack with sass-loader.

Styles are SCSS files contained separately from the code. You'll have to import those yourself, either in a SASS file, like so:

// Import from the node modules directory directly
@import './node_modules/harvest-profit-ui/scss/index';

// Import after setting up webpack (or other build method) with node_modules included
@import 'harvest-profit-ui/scss/index';

Or you can require it in a bundled Javascript file (when using webpack or other build tool with SASS):

// Using ES6 "import"
import 'harvest-profit-ui/scss/index.scss';

// Using "require" syntax

You can overwrite the default variables by looking at the _variables.scss file, and creating the variables ahead of time, when using your own SCSS file:

/* my-styles.scss */

// Define "blue" before the import
$blue: #3d87bf;

// Anything "blue" will use the new "blue"
@import 'harvest-profit-ui/scss/index';