An enterprise-class UI solution for backend system, amied of settling the problems like cooperation between designers and front-developers, consistency of product experience and development efficiency.

You can customize your own DesignSystem via Collaboration Platform.sparkling_heart Designers will receive design materials by Fusion Cool - an easy to use plugin on sketch. Developers will get code fragment on IceWorks. At the same time, the consistency between code and visual manuscript is guaranteed.

Why use

@alifd/next usually used with Fusion Design to improving designer-developer collaboration and development efficiency. Designer can customize the UI of components and release an npm theme package. Developer can use this theme package directly, and don't need to care about the UI refactoring. It saves the workload of reductive degree review repeatedly with designers, and greatly improves the development efficiency.


? Quick Start


1.Use NPM ( Recommend )

npm install @alifd/next --save

2.Import in Browser

Use the script and link tags in the browser to directly import the file and use the global variable Next. We provide files such as next.js/next.min.js and next.css/next.min.css in the @alifd/next/dist directory in the npm package, or via unpkg Download it.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<script src=""></script>

// The above ways import latest @alifd/next, we recommend you specify version.
<script src="[email protected]/dist/next.min.js"></script>

// Or import as your own static resource
<script src="../build/public/@alifd/next.js"></script>

☔️ Dependencies

  • @alifd/next is based on [email protected] development and is currently not compatible with versions below [email protected]. react/react-dom is used as peerDependencies, which requires the user to manually install or import it.
  • @alifd/next use moment library to implement date-time related component. moment is also used as peerDependencies, which requires the user to manually install or import it.

? Import

Import All

import '@alifd/next/dist/next.css';
// import '@alifd/next/index.scss';

import { Button, Input } from '@alifd/next';

Import module with plugin

1. Import module manually

import Button from '@alifd/next/lib/button';
import '@alifd/next/lib/button/style';

2. Use with babel-plugin-import ( Recommend )

// webpack babel loader option or .babelrc
  // ...
  plugins: [
    ['babel-plugin-import', {
      libraryName: '@alifd/next',
      style: true

It will transform code as below

import { Button } from '@alifd/next';


import Button from '@alifd/next/lib/button';
import '@alifd/next/lib/button/style';