Start your next dapp / defi project in seconds
A highly scalable boilerplate with pre added web3 and different wallets with a focus on performance and best practices


First ensure you are in a new and empty directory.

  1. Clone repository and navigate to the repo

    git clone
    cd NFT-Dapp-Boilerplate
  2. Create .env file and add environment variables, you can refer .env.example file

    REACT_APP_COLOR_ADDRESS= // Contract address to interact, for testing you can use 0x320792c7a855B4fD0636df06014cd6f717fAfDeb
    REACT_APP_RPC_URL_1= // Your Infura RPC URL
    REACT_APP_RPC_URL_3= // Your Infura RPC URL
    REACT_APP_POLLING_INTERVAL= // Polling time interval, you can set it to 15000
    REACT_APP_INFURA_KEY= // Your Infura Key
  3. Install dependencies and start project.

    npm install
    npm run start
  4. To build the application for production, use the build script. A production build will be in the build folder.

    npm run build


If you want to use it with truffle, make sure you use include-truffle branch.

Created by Shaishav Pidadi.


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