React-Safe-Query is a lightweight, type-safe wrapper built around React Query. It provides a type-safe API middleware for React applications, making it perfect for developers who appreciate tRPC but are working with projects that either don't use a TypeScript backend or wish to avoid the bloat and configuration associated with tRPC.


React Query is powerful but lacks inbuilt type safety, a gap tRPC fills by offering excellent type safety and developer experience. Yet, tRPC demands a TypeScript backend, a requirement not all projects meet, especially with the rise of client-side databases like Supabase and Firebase eliminating the need for separate backends. React-Safe-Query steps in as the optimal solution for projects unable to use tRPC or those wishing to sidestep its extensive setup.


  • Type Safety: Bring the power of REAL type safety to React Query without needing a TypeScript backend that uses tRPC.
  • Lightweight: Minimal setup and lean configuration.
  • Easy to Use: Familiar API for those who have used React Query and tRPC, making integration seamless.