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A library of reusable React components

A library of reusable React components


React UI Components by Mesosphere.

A library of reusable React components. For examples, take a look at our kitchen sink.

Available components

  • Dropdown
  • List
  • Form
  • Modal
  • Confirm
  • Side Panel
  • Table
  • Tooltip

Using the components

  1. From the command line inside of your project

     npm install --save reactjs-components react react-gemini-scrollbar canvas-ui
  2. Import the component that you want to use

// es6
import {Modal} from 'reactjs-components';

// es5
var Modal = require('reactjs-components').Modal;
  1. Use as if it was any other component
// ...

render: function () {
  return (
    // ...
    <Modal ...{props}>
      // Content
    <Modal />
  1. Import LESS files which will add all styles for all components.
@import "./node_modules/canvas-ui/styles/canvas.less"
@import (inline) "./node_modules/reactjs-components/lib/index.less"