Lito Music
Lito Music

GitHub release (latest SemVer)


Lito (/laɪto/) Music is a lightweight Apple Music client for Windows and macOS,
built with MusicKit JS, Edge WebView2 / WKWebView and React.

System requirements

  • OS version ≥ Windows 10 / macOS 11.0.
  • For Windows: Edge WebView2 runtime (pre-installed in Windows 10 Insider Preview and Windows 11).
    If not installed, Lito Music will try to download and install it at the first launch.


NOTE: Windows Defender might say the pre-compiled binary is a malware. It’s just a false positive.
Code signing could solve this issue; however, the price
is not friendly to an open source developer. If you are concerned about it, please feel free to build it on your own machine.

Pre-compiled binaries are available here.


Listen now

Lito Music (listen now)

Time-synced lyrics

Lito Music (time-synced lyrics)


For Windows

Visual Studio (with Windows 10 SDK), Rust and Node.js are required.

npm install
npm run build:windows

For macOS

Xcode and Node.js are required.

npm install
npm run build:darwin