React Memory Game

This is a memory game created with React, TypeScript and Styled Components.


1. Learn TypeScript

I want to learn TypeScript to understand more about the types used in public libraries and frameworks such as React, React Native and Axios. I also want to create my own libraries to contribute with the awesome JavaScript community.

A lot of companies are using TypeScript to build large and scalable projects. This is because it improves the intellisense, the documentation and prevent errors in when the customers are using the software.

Thus I think that TypeScipt is something that I need to learn in order to became a better software developer.


  • [x] Create project with create-react-app
  • [x] Create folder structure
  • [x] Config Eslint, Prettier and TypeSctipt
  • [x] Create Global Styles
  • [x] Install and create store with redux and react-redux
  • [x] Setup styled-components theme provider and theme reducer
  • [x] Create game menu to choose dificulty
  • [x] Create control buttons (play, pause and restart)
  • [x] Create game card and main layout
  • [x] Create timer
  • [x] Create the game logic
  • [x] Create the win message modal
  • [x] Make the game responsive
  • [x] Switch themes
  • [ ] Create controls to be able to play with the keyboard
  • [ ] Animate cards on hover, click and when choose the wrong cards


Luan Eduardo da Costa