React Timespan

Timeline component with gallery view and scrolling time plots.


How to use


The display precision is based on year, which is a large unit. Sorting precision is down to the millisecond.

import Timeline from 'react-timespan';

const activities = [
    name: 'Cole Turner',
    start: '1991-02-24',
    url: '',
    body: 'As a baby I was born because something about birds and bees.',
    image: 'http://...'
    name: 'The Year I Wrote This',
    start: '2017-01-01',
    end: '2017-12-31',
    url: '',
    body: 'Truly I made this for my portfolio and decided to sh are.',
    image: 'http://...'

<Timeline activities={activities} />

Make it better

I decided to share this because I am fond of the end result and hope it will inspire a pull request to make it better.

Pull requests are warmly welcomed.