React Navigation Scrollable Modal

This is a POC to replicate the native interaction behavior of iOS modal presentation with React Navigation.



In order to get this functionality working in your project, you have to:

  • Copy patches/@react-navigation+stack+6.0.7.patch into your project root folder.
  • Copy src/useCardModalGestureInteraction.ts into any place in your project.
  • add "postinstall": "npx patch-package" into your project package.json in scripts node.
  • run yarn
export const ScrollableModalScreen = () => {
  const scrollableRef = useAnimatedRef<FlatList>();

  const { scrollableGestureRef, handleScrolling } =
  return (
    <NativeViewGestureHandler ref={scrollableGestureRef}>

How it works

React Navigation Stack implements a PanGestureHandler in the Card component, which should allow us to manipulate the gesture behavior as we want.

To achieve the seamless scrolling / pan gesture interaction, We have to wrap the scrollable component with NativeGestureHandler from react-native-gesture-handler and pass its reference to the Card's PanGestureHandler via the prop simultaneousHandlers.

Then we need to lock the scrollable component, whenever the user is reach to the top and start dragging the Card.

I have already prepare a custom hook useCardModalGestureInteraction that will handle all the interaction with the Card, all you have to do is to pass the scrollable ref, and attached the return variables to NativeViewGestureHandler and your scrollable

This solution was inspired by the Bottom Sheet library, thanks to @haibert for highlighting this issue.