Hydrogen is a React-based framework for building dynamic, Shopify-powered custom storefronts.

Spin up a Hydrogen app in your browser with our playground or set up your local environment with the instructions below ⬇️

Getting Started


  • yarn or npm
  • Node.js version 14.0 or higher


# Using `yarn`
yarn create hydrogen-app

# Using `npm`
npm init [email protected]

# Using `npx`
npx create-hydrogen-app

Running locally:

  1. Start a development server

# Using `yarn`
yarn install
yarn dev

# Using `npm`
npm i --legacy-peer-deps
npm run dev
  1. Visit the development environment running at http://localhost:3000.

Learn more about getting started with Hydrogen.

Contributing to Hydrogen

Read our contributing guide

Other handy links

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