React Scrollchor

A React component for scroll to #hash links with smooth animations. Scrollchor is a mix of Scroll and Anchor, a joke name for a useful component.

See it in action:

hash is the id of a HTML tag on current page.



npm install react-scrollchor --save


  • User should provide their own React package


import Scrollchor from 'react-scrollchor';
export default (props) => (

    <Navbar brand={brand} className="navbar-fixed-top">
      <NavItem><Scrollchor to="" className="nav-link">Home</Scrollchor></NavItem>
      <NavItem><Scrollchor to="#sample-code" className="nav-link">Sample</Scrollchor></NavItem>
      <NavItem><Scrollchor to="#features" className="nav-link">Features</Scrollchor></NavItem>
      <NavItem><Scrollchor to="footer" className="nav-link">SignUp</Scrollchor></NavItem>

  <Section id="sample-code">


  <div id="features">


  <footer id="footer">



Prop types

  propTypes: {

     * id attribute of target DOM node
     * - `#` can be omited
     * - let it blank, `to = ''`, for scroll to page top
     * - this prop it's required
    to: PropTypes.string.isRequired,

     * scroll smooth animation can be customize
     * Accepted options, Ex: (default)
     *  { offset: 0, duration: 400, easing: easeOutQuad }
    animate: PropTypes.object,

     * callback function triggered before scroll to #hash
     * @param1 Received click event
    beforeAnimate: PropTypes.func,

     * callback function triggered after scroll to #hash
     * @param1 Received click event
    afterAnimate: PropTypes.func

     * enable/disable update browser history with scroll behaviours
     * Default to `false`
    disableHistory: PropTypes.bool

Reactive props

Update props will re-render Scrollchor element

Ex: updating "to" prop

Custom animation

Animated behavior can be customize:

<Scrollchor to="#aboutus" animate={{offset: 20, duration: 600}} className="nav-link">Home</Scrollchor>

default animation settings

{ offset: 0, duration: 400, easing: easeOutQuad }

This setting is equivalent to default jQuery.animate easing: swing

more Easing functions

before and after Animate callbacks

Use this callbacks to trigger behaviours like, for example, update state, load async stuffs, etc.

<Scrollchor to="#aboutus" afterAnimate={() => updateState(this)}>Home</Scrollchor>

Simulate click API

Scrollchor include a dedicate API for init animate scroll programmatically that works like normal click events using simulateClick()

Ex: using simulateClick

When used programmatically some use-case don't need anchor tags. On this cases use childrenless Scrollchor

Childrenless Scrollchor

This component will render null and the user it's reponsible of store the component reference, Ex: childrenless

<Scrollchor ref={ref => (this._back = ref)} to="_back" />

Ex: calling simulateClick() on childrenless ref

_afterAnimate = () => {
  this.setState({ to: });
    setTimeout(() => this._back.simulateClick(), 1000);