A react component to display event in a vertical timeline format. This is based on the timeline found in AdminLte.


npm install react-time-line


const events = [
  {ts: "2017-09-17T12:22:46.587Z", text: 'Logged in'},
  {ts: "2017-09-17T12:21:46.587Z", text: 'Clicked Home Page'},
  {ts: "2017-09-17T12:20:46.587Z", text: 'Edited Profile'},
  {ts: "2017-09-16T12:22:46.587Z", text: 'Registred'},
  {ts: "2017-09-16T12:21:46.587Z", text: 'Clicked Cart'},
  {ts: "2017-09-16T12:20:46.587Z", text: 'Clicked Checkout'},

<Timeline items={events} />

The events should be ordered in a way you need.


Currently there is no proper way to set the style. As a hack you can override the default style. Check for the default style in src/style.scss.

For developers

To make new build

npm run build

To run dev server

npm run dev

To run test

npm run test