Ars Arsenal

A react gallery picker.



npm install --save ars-arsenal


Ars Arsenal ships with a stylesheet. The easiest way to include it is
by importing it from the node_modules folder:

/* Sass stylesheet: */
@import "./node_modules/ars-arsenal/style/ars-arsenal.scss"
/* or CSS: */
@import "./node_modules/ars-arsenal/style.css"


Copy over icons from ./example/public/icons to your public directory.


var ArsArsenal = require('ars-arsenal')

var app = document.getElementById('app')

ArsArsenal.render(app, {

  resource: 'photo', // the noun used for selection, i.e. "Pick a photo"

  url: 'photo/resource/endpoint',
  // How to display the items. Can be "table" or "gallery"
  mode: 'gallery',
  // What table columns to display, and in what order
  columns: ['id', 'name', 'caption', 'attribution', 'preview'],

  multiselect: false,

  makeURL: function (url, id) {
    // define how the endpoint url is constructed
    if (id) {
      return url + "/" + id

    return url

  makeQuery: function (term) {
    // define how the search query string is built
    return "q=" + term

  onError: function(response) {
    // format errors before they are sent as a "string" value
    // to the component
    return response.code + ": " + response.message

  onFetch: function (response) {
    // format the response, useful if you do not control the JSON
    // response from your endpoint
    return data

  onChange: function (id) {
    // Whenever a new item is picked, this event is triggered
    console.log("The value was changed to %s", id)


Response format

    "id": 1,
    "attribution": "League of Legends",
    "name": "Alistar",
    "caption": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet",
    "url": "images/alistar.jpg"

See example!



npm install -d
npm start

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