Carpatin Dashboard Free

Carpatin is a React Js Admin Dashboard Template that focuses on the management flows of a back-office application. We leverage the Material-UI power of stylizing the components in a way that feels more professional.

Discover how Carpatin can speed up your business development by using our premium jump-start template!

Upgrade to PRO Version

We also have a pro version of this product which bundles even more pages and components if you want to save more time and design efforts.

Free Version (this one) Carpatin Dashboard PRO
7 Demo Pages 20 demo pages
- ✔ Dark & light mode
- ✔ Authentication with Amplify, Auth0, Firebase and JWT
- ✔ TypeScript version
- ✔ Design files (Figma)
- ✔ Advanced Filters
- ✔ Built with Fake API
- ✔ Data states (loading, empty, error, etc)

Quick start

  • Clone project git clone
  • Make sure your NodeJS and npm versions are up to date
  • Install dependencies: npm install or yarn
  • Start the server: npm start or yarn
  • Views are on: localhost:3000