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A reusable React component for swapping on the Serum DEX. The Solana program can be found here.



First install the required peer dependencies into your React project.

yarn add @material-ui/core @material-ui/icons @material-ui/lab @project-serum/anchor @solana/spl-token-registry @solana/web3.js material-ui-popup-state react-async-hook

Then install the package.

yarn add @project-serum/swap-ui

Add the Swap Component

To embed the Swap component into your application,
one can minimally provide an Anchor
and TokenListContainer.
For example,

<Swap provider={provider} tokenList={tokenList} />

All of the complexity of communicating with the Serum DEX and managing
its data is handled internally by the component.

Referral Fees

To earn referral fees, one can also pass in a referral property,
which is the PublicKey of the Solana wallet that owns the associated
token accounts in which referral fees are paid (i.e., USDC and USDT).


Install dependencies



yarn build

Run the example app

For local development and educational purposes, a minimal React app is provided
in the example/ subdirectory.

To run, change directories via cd example/ and start the app.

Start the app

yarn start


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