RSUITE (React Suite) is a set of react component libraries for enterprise system products. Built by HYPERS front-end team and UX team, mainly serving company's big data products.

After three major revisions, a large number of components and rich functionality have been accumulated.

Browser Compatibility

IE Edge Firefox Chrome Safari
>=10 >=14 >= 45 >= 49 >= 10
  • IE<=9 is no longer supported since RSUITE 3.0.
  • RSUITE is designed and implemented for use on modern desktop browsers rather than mobile browsers.

UI Design

RSUITE Design Prototype and specification, click to [view][rsuite-design]


RSUITE is available as an [npm package][npm-home].

npm i rsuite --save

or if you prefer Yarn

yarn add rsuite


Here's a simple example

import { Button } from 'rsuite';

import '~rsuite/lib/less/index.less';

ReactDOM.render(<Button>Button</Button>, mountNode);