React Accessible Dropdown Menu Hook

This Hook handles all the accessibility logic when building a dropdown menu, dropdown button, etc., and leaves the design completely up to you. It also handles the logic for closing the menu when you click outside of it.


  • ♿️ Fully accessible
  • ? Written entirely in TypeScript
  • ? Thoroughly tested
  • ⚡️ Zero dependencies
  • ✨ Tiny size

Quick start

Install with Yarn or npm:

yarn add react-accessible-dropdown-menu-hook
npm install react-accessible-dropdown-menu-hook

Import the Hook:

import useDropdownMenu from 'react-accessible-dropdown-menu-hook';

Call the Hook, telling it how many items your menu will have:

const { buttonProps, itemProps, isOpen, setIsOpen } = useDropdownMenu(numberOfItems);

Spread the buttonProps onto a button:

<button {...buttonProps}>Example</button>

Create the menu with the role='menu' property and spread itemProps[x] onto each item:

<div className={isOpen ? 'visible' : ''} role='menu'>
    <a {...itemProps[0]} href=''>Regular link</a>
    <a {...itemProps[1]} onClick={handleClick}>With click handler</a>