Nano Stores I18n

Tiny and flexible JS library to make your web application translatable.
Uses Nano Stores state manager and JS Internationalization API.

  • Small. Between 448 and 844 bytes (minified and gzipped).
    Zero dependencies.
  • Works with React, Preact, Vue, Svelte, and plain JS.
  • Supports tree-shaking and translation on-demand download.
  • Plain JSON translations compatible with
    online translation services like Weblate.
  • Out of the box TypeScript support for translations.
  • Flexible variable translations. You can change translation,
    for instance, depends on screen size.

// components/post.jsx
import { params, count } from '@nanostores/i18n' // You can use own functions
import { useStore } from 'nanostores'
import { i18n, format } from '../stores/i18n.js'

export const messages = i18n({
  title: 'Post details',
  publishedAt: params<{ at: string }>('Was published at {date}')
  posts: count({
    one: '{count} comment',
    many: '{count} comments'

export const Post = ({ author, comments, publishedAt }) => {
  const t = useStore(messages)
  const { time } = useStore(format)
  return <article>
    <p>{t.publishedAt({ date: time(publishedAt) })}</p>

// stores/i18n.js
import { createI18n, localeFrom, browser, formatter } from '@nanostores/i18n'
import availableLocales from './locales.js'
import localStoreLocale from './locale-store-locale.js'

export const locale = localeFrom(
  localStoreLocale,                        // Can be also locale from URL
  browser({ available: availableLocales }) // Browser’s locale autodetect

export const i18n = createI18n({
  get (locale) {
    return fetchJSON(`/translations/${locale}.json`)

export const format = formatter(locale)

// public/translations/ru.json
  "title": "Данные о публикации",
  "publishedAt": "Опубликован {date}",
  "comments": {
    "one": "{count} комментарий",
    "few": "{count} комментария",
    "many": "{count} комментариев",

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npm install nanostores @nanostores/i18n



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