Elementary Grid

A tonegrid synth made with Elementary Audio and React

Live version

Live version right here: https://teetow.github.io/elementary_grid


With Nick having released the WebAudio part of Elementary Audio I started pondering a suitable hobby hack. I recalled Tonegrid (now defunct due to the Flashpocalypse) and especially how addictive it is. After a couple of false starts, I finally managed to get it working. A fresh coat of paint, a couple of options I always wanted, and here it is.

Known issues and questions

  • Adding a note at just the right / wrong moment will corrupt playback for one pattern cycle. Let’s call it jazz.
  • If you absolutely spray the grid with notes, you’ll get some clipping. Aural injury insurance not included.
  • Yes, you can use MIDI input with Elementary Audio. It’s that awesome.
  • Yes, you can use it to make VST and AU plugins.
  • Yes, I’ll try to make one. Later =)

Who are you, again?

Hi! I’m Johan. I make software, noise and music. I used to make video games.


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