A top-level declarative React keybinding component, usable with ES6, no mixin or weird stuff.

react-keybinding-component is a component that will help you set up keybindings in your app. For the moment, only simple key events are supported (one key only, keyup, keydown). It's just a less dirty way of using key events instead of having care of them with componentDidMount() in multiple components.


Import it in your project:

import KeyBinding from 'react-keybinding-component'; // ES6
var KeyBinding = require('react-keybinding-component'); // ES5

Get the eventKey keyCode and log it

<KeyBinding onKey={ (e) => { console.log(e.keyCode) } } />

Get the eventKey keyCode and log it on keyUp on the window element

<KeyBinding onKey={ (e) => { console.log(e.keyCode) } } type='keyup' elem={ window } />

Have a look at options.


All properties except onKey are optional.

Property Description Default value
onKey (required) the function executed after a key event () => {}
type keyup or keydown 'keydown'
target the element you want to attach the event to, it can be an existing DOM element or a CSS selector (in that case, you will need to add a tabIndex='0' to your element, otherwise the event won't be caught) document
preventInputConflict prevent onKey from firing if you have an onChange on an input, a textarea or a select false
preventDefault prevent event default false
preventPropagation prevent event propagation false