Trello Board ?

A Trelloboard to help manage and visualize your project workload & progress with a simple & pretty interface (basically a trello clone).


Screenshot (light):
Light theme

Screenshot (dark):
Dark theme

Features ?

  • Helps manage & visualize your project workload & progress with ease.
  • Stores your data privately in your browser’s inbuilt local storage.
  • Dark mode to rescue when working in a dark environment.
  • Simple & pretty interface – just the way you’d expect.

Technologies used ?️

  • React – Front-End JavaScript library
  • Typescript – JavaScript with syntax for types.
  • Windi CSS – Next generation utility-first CSS framework
  • Feather Icons – Simply beautiful open source icons
  • Vite – Frontend Tooling

Build yourself

  1. Clone this repo
git clone && cd trelloboard
  1. Install project dependecies
npm install
  1. Build the project and start a local server
npm run build && npm run serve

Or, run a development server using npm run dev


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