A wrapper for placing elements along div borders.




npm install --save react-border-wrapper


yarn add react-border-wrapper


Use the border wrapper in the same way you would use a <div>.

import * as React from 'react'
import BorderWrapper from 'react-border-wrapper'

class Example extends React.Component {
  render () {
    return (
      	// Content


Prop Type Description
innerPadding string number Padding around the children on each edge.
borderWidth string number Width of the border.
borderRadius string number Radius of each corner. This radius is added on top of the inner padding. Thus, a large radius will create a large distance between the top and bottom borders.
borderColour string CSS compatible string for the border colour
borderType string CSS compatible LineStyle string to change the border drawing style
topElement rightElement bottomElement leftElement Element JSX Element to be rendered sepcified side. If an element is not specified then all prop values for that side will be ignored.
topPosition rightPosition leftPosition rightPosition number A number between 0 and 1 to indicate a precentage (0% to 100%) of where the component will be placed along the sides. Values greater than 1 or less than 0 will be at 1 and 0 respectively.
topOffset rightOffset leftOffset rightOffset string number Offset the component on the given side by this value. Use this to help center or positiomn each component to your desired location.
topGap rightGap bottomGap leftGap string number Distance between the border and the position of the component to be rendered.