Hamburger ??

A template for fullstack projects

a burger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.

? Guide

The monorepo structure is managed with Lerna and created out of the Renli Monorepo Template


This is a list of all the packages in the repo and what they are used for.

Package Description
bun React Web App
meat Expo React Native App
cheese NodeJS Server with GraphQl and Express
ketchup Contains Hooks and other common functions
lettuce Contains GraphQL CodeGen Hooks and Type Definitions
recipe Contains Themes, Colors and Design System

? Features


To start working with a project built with this template

Run this command to bootstrap all the packages and install the dependencies

yarn bootstrap


Run this command to run all test

yarn run test

View the lerna docs to see other commands

This template is maintained by Renli

Licence MIT