Caddy Cool (Mobile website)
An app for diabetes management

Through this app you can connect with different devices that will keep track of your pulses, sleep, glucose level etc.
It will also keep track on medicine you took and missed.
Also you can connect to the caddy community groups, can chat with them.

Tech stack :

Design :

  • Figma

Frontend :

  • React
  • CSS-Module
  • Bootstrap
  • Axios
  • react-router-dom

Backend :

  • Mongoose and Mongodb Atlas
  • Express js
  • Nodejs

Project Over View:


The loading page:

It will just show a simple loading animation.


The signin & signup page:

Users can create an account if they are new users, if they are existing they can simply sign in and start the app, but unless user has an account on caddy app they can’t move further.



Home /Device connect:

In aside or “Home Screen” session users can see their details like profile picture, name and bio. Sign out, and settings functionalities.
In menu or “Device connect” session users can see their personal info like name, photo , pill due and pill taken details and they can monitor the pulse , sleep, oxygen levels, glucose levels and steps count of them which is coming from the electronic devices like Caddy, Fitbit etc.




Link device:

Here user can connect with different devices which will keep record of users health like blood pressure, pulses, steps count, blood suger level etc. They can set up or unpair the device they want.




People Connect/ community:

User can see all the members connected to the caddy community. User can join some groups like Medical Educators, Personal Trainer, Community to chat with them for taking advise, can also create new group. If a diabetic missed any pill then their family members also can use chat to remind him/her to take that pills. They can also make a plan or goal here to lose fat & to be fit.






Caddy log:

This will keep track on medicines of users. Users can add pill for every day that they needs to take in the “Pills remaining section”, if pill is taken it will moved to “pills taken” section. Also they can see what pills missing in pills remaining section.




Run Locally :

Clone the Project

Go to Client directory

cd client

Install Dependencies

npm install

Run App

npm Start

Now go to server Directory and run the server

npm run server

Contributors :

UI/UX Designer :

  • Sarah Naeem

Full Stack Web Developers :

  • Akash Chandra
  • Kamlesh Pradhan
  • Seema Alam
  • Madhu Venkat
  • Huxly Singh


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