Bingo Letter

This is my take on a childhood game my classmates and I used to play on paper. I thought it would be a fun project to automate because why not? It is made with React, TypeScript and Tailwind CSS. It is also responsive for smaller devices

How to play

  • The player is given 30 secs to provide a name, a country and an animal that starts with Bingo’s letter
  • The player is awarded 10 points for each correct input
  • If the player gets all wrong or the time is exhausted, the game ends.


You can find the demo here


I more or less compiled all the strings of the game myself with the help of some github gists and personal research, however, I have not captured all the possible strings of course. If you find that a valid word needs to be added

  • Create a fork
  • Run npm install
  • Make your changes
  • Create a pull request

Also if you would like to fix some of the pending issues, you are more than welcome to do so

Data Structures and Algorithms

In writing the algorithm, I came across different ways that I could iterate through my existing data however, upon research I found the the .includes() method was the most efficient since it was the fastest of all the other options based on the input size.

How it looks

Bingo Letter Bingo Letter Bingo Letter


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