2aud.io v2

convert your document or sentences to audio with ease.

⚠️ The badges below will be add later (I just make it like this to look more beautiful ) ???

? About the project

2aud.io like his name said is just a tool to convert document or text to audio in many languages.

⁉️ Purpose of the project

The main goal of this project are
Here’s why:

  • To have a deep understanding of some concept like sound recognition , data processing and other cool stuffs
  • Improve my programming and analytics skills ?
  • Improve my A to Z building skills ?

? Features

  • ⚡️ Upload a document (docx,txt, pdf) and convert it to audio (French, English , other etc)
  • ✨ Convert a text in the grabbed from a link or copied into a text box to audio
  • ? Add a text sound recognition system later

Built With

The main technlogies i used to create this app are


  • Setup the project directory
  • Create the Readme.md
  • Design the application infrastructure
  • Grap all necessary data
  • Create Application
    • Create dockerfile
    • Setup CI/CD
    • Backend
      • Define routes
      • Define folder structure (Architecture)
      • (etc)
      • (test)
    • Front End
      • Define folder structure (Architecture)
      • Build components
      • Build pages
      • (test)
  • Test (firstly in english)
  • Release the first beta for users
  • Fix issues
  • Multi-language Support
    • French
    • Deutsch
    • Japanese
    • (Add more locale african language)
    • (etc)

? License