React Custom Scroll 4.0

This is little component for custom scroll in React. It is very customizable and flexible component. You can customization scrollbar.


  • Without dependency
  • Very simple and flexible
  • Very small size (9kb)
  • Easy customization, easy api
  • Keyboard bind
  • Reinitialize after all mutation events
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Animate scrollTo feature
  • min-height and max-height compatibility
  • simple customizations
  • hide default scrollbars in Mac
  • support React-sortable-tree / React-virtualized

How usage

Step 1:

npm install react-customscroll -save

Step 2:

Inject component on your page:

import CustomScroll from 'react-customscroll';

Step 3:

Paste CustomScroll component inside wrapper block with height and overlow: hidden
For example:

<div style={{height: '500px', overflow: 'hidden'}}>

See more examples in example/index.js