What’s Ethbio?

We’ve all seen one page bios of users that showoff their links. Ethbio however takes it to a new level, with the help of web3 technologies it makes showing
off your NFTS much more easier.


  • show of your nft assets
  • show all of your links and social profiles
  • discover other profiles simply by search
  • One link for all your NFT and Social Media needs
  • Share your ethereum address along side all your NFTs and socials

Tehnologies used

  • Next.js – (Frontend) React framework
  • Moralis – (Web3 API) Web3 Development Platform
  • MongoDB – (Backend) Database
  • Express.js – (Backend) Web Framework

Building Locally

Building Ethbio locally is pretty easy.

  • Fill in the enviornment variables

The .env file for ethbio looks something like this:


For the MongoDB URL you can head over here or create
a MongoDB cluster on the cloud

For The Moralis variables – NEXT_PUBLIC_MORALIS_SERVER_URL & NEXT_PUBLIC_MORALIS_APP_ID you can head over to the Moralis

  • Installing Dependencies

Assuming that you already have Node.JS installed to the latest version.
Use :

npm install
  • Running!
    To run the project, after successfully completing all the steps, you can just use:
npm run dev

this however runs the project in DEVELOPMENT mode.

To run it in PRODUCTION use:

npm run build
npm run start


  • The Landing Page

landing page

  • The User Page

user page

user page nfts

  • Discover Page


  • Search Indexing


  • Unauthenticated Page

no auth

  • Not Found Page (Discover)

not found

  • Profile Edit Page

profile edit


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