Spearmint helps developers easily create functional React tests without writing any code. It dynamically converts user inputs into executable Jest test code by using DOM query selectors provided by the react-testing-library.

spearmint is currently under development! We just finished our MVP and are looking for beta testers. Please open a new issue with details to report a bug. Adding support to mock API requests, context and redux support are on the roadmap.

How to use

Download spearmint @ spearmintjs.com. Available for Mac OS and Windows. To run tests generated by spearmint install jest, jest-dom, react-testing-library, and test-data-bot in your dev dependencies.

npm i -D jest jest-dom @testing-library/react test-data-bot

How it works

  1. On the initial screen, enter the URL of your project and load your React application to start creating tests.

  1. Utilize our auto-complete, drop-down options, and tooltips features to easily create arrangement, action, and assertion test statements.

  1. Refer to the browser view of your app that is displayed on the right to quickly identify values for your selectors and use the file directory to open up a code editor view to easily refer to your codebase for props information.

  2. Spearmint will then convert user input to dynamically generate a test file that will be saved inside a tests folder, which you can use to run ‘npm test’ on.