I wrote a huge tutorial about setting up your own SoundCloud Client in React + Redux. Additonally you can find a real world example of my own SoundCloud Client as source code and live version.

This repository should give you an entry point for a React + Redux + SoundCloud boilerplate project with multiple possible extensions. The outcome of the SoundCloud Client in React + Redux can be found in the base-init/ folder.

There are more folders marked as extension-*/. Each of them pairs with a blogpost and can be applied on the base-init/ project.

If you only search for a seed project for your React + Redux + SoundCloud app, simply use the base-init/ folder to begin with. If you want to get started in some other domains, please have a look at the extension-*/ folders and tutorials.




Get Started

  1. git clone [email protected]:rwieruch/react-redux-soundcloud.git
  2. cd base-init
  3. npm install
  4. npm start
  5. (npm test)
  6. (read and apply one of the extension tutorials OR start your own project on top of it the base-init)


Feel free to contribute with a blog post + extension! You could open an issue or write me directly on GitHub or Twitter about your ideas.

I am open for feedback. Please reach out! :)