React Pagination Component.


npm install
npm start


  • support ie8,ie8+,chrome,firefox,safari




var Pagination = require('rc-pagination');
var React = require('react');
React.render(<Pagination />, container);


Parameter Description Type Default
defaultCurrent uncontrolled current page Number 1
current current page Number undefined
total items total count Number 0
defaultPageSize default items per page Number 10
pageSize items per page Number 10
onChange page change callback Function(current, pageSize) -
showSizeChanger show pageSize changer Bool false
pageSizeOptions specify the sizeChanger selections Array ['10', '20', '30', '40']
onShowSizeChange pageSize change callback Function(current, size) -
hideOnSinglePage hide on single page Bool false
showPrevNextJumpers show jump-prev, jump-next Bool true
showQuickJumper show quick goto jumper Bool / Object false / {goButton: true}
showTotal show total records and range Function(total, [from, to]) -
className className of pagination String -
simple when set, show simple pager Object null
locale to set l10n config Object zh_CN
style the style of pagination Object {}
showLessItems show less page items Bool false
showTitle show page items title Bool true
itemRender custom page item renderer Function(current, type: 'page' 'prev'