Plotly figures as a custom component for IDOM


Use pip to install this package:

pip install idom-plotly

For a developer installation from source be sure to install NPM before running:

git clone
cd idom-plotly
pip install -e . -r requirements.txt

Releasing This Package

To release a new version of idom-plotly on PyPI:

  1. Install twine with pip install twine
  2. Update the version = "x.y.z" variable in idom-plotly/
  3. git add the changes to and create a git tag -a x.y.z -m 'comment'
  4. Build the Python package with python sdist bdist_wheel
  5. Check the build artifacts twine check --strict dist/*
  6. Upload the build artifacts to PyPI twine upload dist/*

To release a new version of idom-plotly-react on NPM:

  1. Update js/package.json with new npm package version
  2. Clean out prior builds git clean -fdx
  3. Install and publish npm install && npm publish


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