React application with Express server

This project send message to telegram if there is new event in openSEA site.

  1. monitor specified openSea Account
  2. If there is new activity, send message to telegram via telegram bot
  3. Telegram message will need to structured
    NFT name 
    price (ETH/USD) 
  4. Don’t need a notification when they list something for sale or when they cancel something
    Just success, transfer, and mint to begin

How to get telegram token

Using this project

  1. install the dependencies.

    npm install
  2. Create a .env file for environment variables in your server.

    touch .env
  3. Start the server

    You can start the server on its own with the command:

    npm run server

    Run the React application on its own with the command:

    npm start

    Run both applications together with the command:

    npm run dev

    The React application will run on port 3000 and the server port 3001.


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