React FB Like React component for facebook Like and Share button!

How to install

npm install react-fb-like --save

How to use

var ReactFBLike = require('react-fb-like');
<ReactFBLike language="ko_KR" appId="717589285046812" version="v2.12" />

ES2015 style

import ReactFBLike from 'react-fb-like';

It renders only once

If you go to the another page and come back to where this component locates, sometimes this component disappears.
This is because this component is rendered only once when FB script loads.
So if you want to manually show this component again, you should call FB.XFBML.parse();




You can use all props that facebook supports. But be careful! You should use camelCase. And attribute ref is changed to reference because it is a reserved word in React.
Official Documentation

Required props

  • language(such as en_US, ko_KR, fr_FR) supported language
  • appId
  • version: version of facebook-jssdk, default: 'v2.12'

Other props

  • action
  • colorscheme
  • href
  • kidDirectedSite
  • layout
  • reference(which is a ref attribute in facebook)
  • share
  • showFaces
  • width