My Developer Portfolio


Welcome to my personal developer portfolio! This project serves as a showcase for my skills, projects, and experiences.


  • Responsive Design: The portfolio is designed to provide a seamless experience across various devices.

  • Project Showcase: Highlighting some of my notable projects with project descriptions and live/demo links.

  • Contact Form: A contact form for easy communication.

  • Usage

1. Clone the Repository

git clone

2. Navigate to the Project

cd react-dev-portfolio

3. Install Dependencies

npm install

4. Start development server

npm run dev

The portfolio will be available at http://localhost:5173/ by default.

5. Customize

  • Edit the content inside the src/content folder.
  • I have divided the content into seperate files to make it easier as information.js (include data about user), projects.js(includes data about user’s projects), skills.js (includes data about user’s skills), socials.js(includes social links of user)

If you’ve found my project useful for your personal developer portfolio, I’d really appreciate it if you could include a link back to the project. It helps showcase the work and contributes to the community. Thanks a bunch!


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