React Test Shop Using Remix

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React Test Shop makes API calls to and external server. First set up this server by cloning the
React Test Shop Server
repository and following the instructions there to start the API server on
port 8080.

Now run this project from another shell:

yarn dev

This starts your app in development mode, rebuilding assets on file changes.


First, build your app for production:

yarn build

Then run the app in production mode:

yarn start

Now you’ll need to pick a host to deploy it to.


If you’re familiar with deploying node applications, the built-in Remix app
server is production-ready.

Make sure to deploy the output of remix build

  • build/
  • public/build/

Using a Template

When you ran npx create-remix@latest there were a few choices for hosting. You
can run that again to create a new project, then copy over your app/ folder to
the new project that’s pre-configured for your target server.

cd ..
# create a new project, and pick a pre-configured host
npx create-remix@latest
cd my-new-remix-app
# remove the new project's app (not the old one!)
rm -rf app
# copy your app over
cp -R ../my-old-remix-app/app app


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