Bookmark mouse position

Save mouse positions using a shortcut key and quickly traverse to them using another shortcut key.


Current shortcut keys

  • To save mouse position –

    • macOS: cmd+shift+r
    • windows/linux: ctrl+shift+r
  • To traverse mouse position –

    • macOS: cmd+shift+1, cmd+shift+2, cmd+shift+3
    • windows/linux: ctrl+shift+1, ctrl+shift+2, ctrl+shift+3


  • macOS – Download latest dmg

  • Windows – N/A (I don’t have a windows system. Need help!)

  • Linux – N/A (I don’t have a linux system. Need help!)


  • This makes it easier to traverse mouse position in multiple display monitors.
  • I found it useful


Folder/file structure

  • main.js contains the electron app entry point.
  • src/index.js contains browser renderer entry point. This is a react app.
  • No webpack or complicated bundler setup, we’re using parcel ?

Install dependencies

npm i

To run locally

// 1. Bundle react app and start parcel server
npm run parcel
// 2. Start electron app
npm start

To build

// 1. Bundle react app
npm run bundle
// 2. Build electron app
npm run make
  • Build will be generated in out/

Read more on building electron app


Might require Node 16+


  • Better shortcut keys!
  • Make a non electron version to reduce the app size.
    If someone has any ideas, please let me know!


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