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Simple custom scroll for React

Simple custom scroll for React

React Custom Scroll 4.0

This is little component for custom scroll in React. It is very customizable and flexible component. You can customization scrollbar.


  • Without dependency
  • Very simple and flexible
  • Very small size (9kb)
  • Easy customization, easy api
  • Keyboard bind
  • Reinitialize after all mutation events
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Animate scrollTo feature
  • min-height and max-height compatibility
  • simple customizations
  • hide default scrollbars in Mac
  • support React-sortable-tree / React-virtualized

How usage

Step 1:

npm install react-customscroll -save

Step 2:

Inject component on your page:

import CustomScroll from 'react-customscroll';

Step 3:

Paste CustomScroll component inside wrapper block with height and overlow: hidden
For example:

<div style={{height: '500px', overflow: 'hidden'}}>

See more examples in example/index.js