Simple toggletip and tooltip for your react apps.



  • works on all mainstream browsers
  • css only tooltip without additional javascript dependencies
  • uses aria attributes for accessibility and to work with screen readers
  • works on icons and other elements
  • supports multiline tooltips


$ npm install --save react-toggletip

or if you are using yarn

$ yarn add react-toggletip


ToggleTip component will render a info icon by default. The default icon can be overridden with props given below. If you want to display tooltips over custom content, wrap ToggleTip around the content.

Name Type Description
content String or array of strings The tooltip content. Pass array of strings if you want multiline tooltips
placement string one of bottom-right, bottom, bottom-left,right,left,top-right,top,top-left
animated boolean Disable tooltip animations. Default: true
icon node Replace info icon with custom icon
children node Display tooltip on top of custom content instead of icons