Sudoku Solver

This project contains both a web UI to play Sudoku, and an educational Sudoku solver. The web UI lets you play a sudoku grid, as well as solve it automatically by pressing a button. It then shows you step-by-step which techniques were used to solve it. It may resolve to brute-force (i.e. trying all possible combinations) at the end of a solve, if no technique allows to finish.

How to use

This is a Create React App project. You need to:

  • Download dependencies by running npm install
  • Run the web app by running npm start

Solver correctness (i.e. datasets, unit tests, etc)

You can play around with the unit tests and datasets bundled with the project by:

  • Decompressing the dataset files: unzip (~140MB compressed / ~610MB uncompressed)
  • Run unit tests with npm test

Developping the UI

I used Storybook.js to develop the UI, so you can play with that by running npm run storybook