UI library for building web3 apps

How to use (draft)

  1. Clone to the root of your project: git clone [email protected]:buildship-dev/web3-ui.git
  2. Add buildship.json to the root of your project with proper configuration (see next paragraph): echo "{}" > buildship.json
  3. Import UI elements from web3-ui: import { ConnectWallet } from '../web3-ui/ConnectWallet.tsx'

Example buildship.json

  "name": "Project Name",
  "INFURA_KEY": "Your infura key",
  "BLOCKNATIVE_KEY": "Find one at https://docs.blocknative.com/onboard",
  "ETHERSCAN_API_KEY": "etherscan.io/api",
  "NETWORKS": [1, 4, 56, 97, 137, 80001],
    "1": {
      "ContractName": "Address on Mainnet"
    "4": {
      "ContractName": "Address on Rinkeby"
    "56": {},
    "137": {}


import { useContext } from "react";
import ConnectWallet from "../../web3-ui/ConnectWallet";
import { Web3Context } from "../../web3-ui/Web3Context";
import { WalletState } from "../../web3-ui/crypto";

export const App = () => {
  const [web3State, _] = useContext(Web3Context);

  return (
    <div className="header">
        {web3State?.walletState === WalletState.WEB3_CONNECTED && (
          <ConnectWallet />

export default App;

Using as Etherscan Write Contract replacement:

If you have build artifacts for a contract, and you need nice interface to send them to client without verifiyng on Etherscan, use this script.

node web3-ui/scripts/upload-abi.mjs ./buildship.json EthlantisWhitelist 0x0128B1897108E0b57533Bc9774326bfb30310Dbe ../nft-contracts-buildship/build/contracts/WhitelistMerkleTreeExtension.json

The arguments are:

  • buildship.json location
  • name for the contract you are uploading
  • address for the contract
  • artifact location from truffle build

Another useful line:

cat ../nft-contracts-buildship/build/contracts/WhitelistMerkleTreeExtension.json | jq .abi | pbcopy


Config file is located at buildship.json, and all the relevant generators are in web3-ui.

Edit buildship.json with your network configuration and smart-contracts and run this:

node web3-ui/utils/buildship.mjs

This should generate abi directory in the root of your project. After this, you can use web3-ui directory inside your code:

import ConnectWallet from '../../web3-ui/ConnectWallet'
import SendTransaction from '../../web3-ui/SendTransaction'


<ConnectWallet />

    debug={true} // do yo
    onTx={updateTxInfo} // use this to receive tx object and react to changes
    params={_params} // array of string parameters
    value={_value} // optional


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