0xPhotos.com is a two sided marketplace that replaces the need for incumbent stock photo sites and their exorbitant fees.



Photo marketplaces take massive % of a photos sale:

  • stock.adobe.com: 40-80%
  • shutterstock.com: 70-80%
  • alamy.com: 50%

Creators should be earning the majority of the sale, not the other way around.

Our solution

Photographers upload an image and mint an “Asset NFT”. Media buyers mint a “Licence NFT” to define usage and enable payments.

Payments automatically stream to the Asset NFT creating cash flow for the photographer. 0xPhotos is streamed 2% of all payments through the system to fund the intended DAO and future development.

Asset NFTs become future cash flow positive assets that can be traded on NFT marketplaces.

How It’s Made


  • NFT 721 asset contract
  • NFT 721 license contract
  • Superfluid Tradeable Cashflow contract
  • React-based NFT website + marketplace


  • Polygon: All contracts and NFTs (minting + marketplace) are on Polygon instead of L1.
  • IPFS: We store all assets and licenses on IPFS.
  • Moralis: Moralis is our API for interacting with the blockchain.
  • Superfluid: Anyone who licenses content opens a SuperFluid stream paying the NFT’s owner.
  • Covalent: NFT indexing and metadata.
  • Next.js for frontend
  • Truffle and Remix for Solidity development