Booking React Templates

The best booking React themes are designed to assist you in building a website capable of accepting and managing bookings and reservations online.

We feature the top 10 React templates for online booking websites in 2024. These templates cater to a wide range of booking requirements, including apartment rentals, flight reservations, doctor appointments, car rentals, hotel bookings, and more.

With themes encompassing a broad spectrum of styles and purposes, whether you aim to create a website for hotel or accommodation bookings or require a platform for scheduling appointments for your services, you'll undoubtedly discover a suitable option within this selection.


Chisfis is a responsive React template theme that offers a comprehensive solution for online booking, listing, real estate, and booking systems tailored for accommodation, tours, travel experiences, cruises, car rentals, real estate, and travel agencies. Developed using the latest React typescript and Tailwindcss technologies, Chisfis boasts a modern and fresh design throughout the entire website, including various functions such as Select react-datepicker, modal gallery, Google Maps integration, adding listings, and blogging capabilities.



Sado is a sleek and contemporary Next.js template specifically designed for Online Booking & Reservation websites, catering to a variety of booking needs including apartment rentals, flight reservations, car rentals, hotel bookings, and more. Crafted using ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, and Bootstrap, Sado offers a robust platform for building efficient booking systems.

Notably, the template includes RTL (Right-to-Left) language support, facilitating quicker and easier usage for Arabic and Hebrew language-based websites. Additionally, Sado features both dark and light mode options, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

With well-commented source code and easy customization capabilities, Sado ensures flexibility to tailor the template according to specific requirements. Detailed documentation further aids in utilizing its features effectively, making it a valuable asset for creating customized and functional booking websites.



Placewise is a sophisticated online booking template designed to deliver a seamless user experience, utilizing cutting-edge technologies. It harnesses TypeScript, React v18.2, and Next.js v13.4.4, providing a robust platform for building modern web applications. The Next.js app router ensures fluid navigation and routing, enhancing overall performance.

In terms of design, Placewise integrates the popular Tailwind CSS framework, facilitating the creation of visually stunning and responsive user interfaces. Accessibility and smooth interactions are prioritized through the use of Headless UI, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices and assistive technologies.

Form handling is streamlined with React Hook Form, a lightweight library that simplifies validation and management. This ensures users can easily input data and receive immediate feedback on any validation errors.



GoTrip is an exceptional Online Booking Travel & Tour Agency React NextJS Template, offering high-quality design and meticulous organization. Tailored for various travel agencies, it caters to tours, hotel bookings, activities/events, travel experiences, room rentals, villa rentals, holiday rentals, resort rentals, cruises, car rentals, real estate, flight tickets, and more.

Featuring 10 unique homepage designs, 5 hotel listing pages, and 2 single hotel layouts, along with dedicated pages for tours, activities, holiday rentals, car rentals, cruises, flights, and more, GoTrip presents a modern and captivating format for diverse travel agencies.



Varaus is a sophisticated Hotel Booking React Template, crafted entirely with React JS and devoid of jQuery. With its modern, elegant design, Varaus offers a visually stunning and customizable solution for Hotel Booking services. Each section of the template is designed to be unique and creative, providing ample opportunities for customization to suit individual preferences.

Featuring essential Hotel Booking services functionalities, Varaus includes sections for services, rooms, destinations, single rooms, about, contact, and testimonials. The template is optimized for both mobile devices and desktops, ensuring a seamless user experience across various platforms.

In addition to its sleek design, Varaus incorporates cool features such as the ability to showcase blogs or hot news, adding depth and versatility to the template's offerings.



Doccure - Clinics & Doctors Online Appointment Booking React Template offers comprehensive appointment management and patient management functionalities. Its primary goal is to provide a simple and seamless online booking system for users. Patients can easily view the services offered by the clinic, select their desired specialist, check the availability of doctors, and choose an appointment date. The appointment time and date are finalized based on the doctor's availability. Doccure ensures a straightforward and efficient online service for scheduling doctor appointments.



Rica is a versatile React Next JS template designed for various industries including travel, tours, food delivery, hotels, restaurants, and administration purposes. Developed with React 18.2.0, it boasts 10+ different home layout options, providing flexibility in design choices. With a total of 500+ TypeScript files, Rica ensures robustness and scalability in its implementation.

For property-related businesses, Rica offers 6+ attractive property layout variations, allowing for diverse presentation styles. Additionally, it includes 50+ specially designed inner pages, catering to a wide range of requirements within the specified industries.



Viatours is a premium Travel & Tour Online Booking Next JS Template meticulously crafted for high-quality and well-organized online booking solutions. Ideal for a wide range of travel agencies, Viatour caters to tours, hotel bookings, activities/events, travel experiences, room rentals, villa rentals, holiday rentals, resort rentals, cruises, car rentals, real estate, flight tickets, and more.

Featuring 10 unique homepage designs, 5 hotel listing pages, and 2 single hotel layouts, as well as dedicated pages for tours, activities, holiday rentals, car rentals, cruises, flights, and more, Viatours presents a modern and attractive format suitable for all types of travel agencies.



Royalking Hotel Booking React Next JS Template is specifically crafted for businesses in the accommodation industry, including bed and breakfasts, resorts, and hotels, as well as those offering related services. Its beautiful and unique design makes it perfect for establishing a strong online presence. With a 100% responsive design, Royalking ensures seamless viewing across all major handheld devices.

This template incorporates essential features for your online presence, including room listings, a blog section, testimonials, facilities showcase, and detailed room description pages. Whether you're showcasing your accommodations or highlighting guest experiences, Royalking provides the necessary tools for an effective online presence in the hospitality industry.



Rechargio stands as an innovative React Next JS template tailored for recharge and bill payment platforms, along with booking websites. Its contemporary and intuitive interface is equipped with a host of robust features to elevate user experiences.

Developed with ReactJS and NextJS 13, Rechargio guarantees superior performance and smooth navigation. It integrates widely-used libraries including Material Icons, TypeScript, Headless UI, Bootstrap, React Modal Video, React Datepicker, PrismJS, React Slick, and SASS, ensuring adaptability and scalability for diverse needs.