React Landing Pages

Landing pages are instrumental in generating more leads and boosting conversions by directing users towards specific actions on your website.

Here, we've compiled a carefully curated selection of the top 30 React Landing Pages templates ideal for business, product, App, AI, brand, marketing campaigns, or any other landing page needs.

Each of these React landing page templates is designed to help you create visually stunning and high-converting landing pages for various purposes. Explore these templates to find the perfect fit for your landing page requirements and drive success for your business or project.


This Landrick React & Bootstrap Template is a powerful tool suitable for a wide range of applications, including startups, businesses, agencies, and more. Its versatility makes it ideal for various purposes such as marketing, hotel management, personal portfolios, educational courses, and more. The template boasts 100% responsiveness, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. Its modern design and unique UX promise to captivate users, while its easy customization and compatibility with other components offer flexibility. Additionally, the inclusion of Dark, RTL, and RTL Dark modes enhances its appeal, with effortless switching between modes requiring only minimal adjustments.



Bootsland is a stunning and fully responsive React template, making it the perfect choice for any professional or creative website. Powered by pure Reactjs and Redux framework, it offers a solid foundation for your projects. With its sleek design and versatility, Bootsland serves as an excellent landing page for a variety of purposes including agencies, startups, businesses, apps, marketing, hosting, and more. Its 100% responsiveness ensures an exceptional user experience across all devices, while its clean and modern design captivates users. Customization is effortless, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and seamlessly integrate with other components.



SuperProps is an exceptional collection of multipurpose React templates crafted by REDQ. Powered by React, Next JS, Style System, and Styled Components, this versatile template is perfect for a variety of businesses including agencies, portfolios, SAAS, food delivery services, nonprofits, interior design firms, hosting companies, and more.

With SuperProps, creating impactful landing pages becomes quick and simple. Leveraging the power of Next.js and React, these templates offer smooth performance and effortless customization.



Oiron is a robust, visually appealing, and contemporary collection of landing pages. Utilizing React, Next Js, MUI v5, and HTML + SCSS + jQuery, it offers versatility and functionality. Designed to cater to various industries including Agency, Cloud, Cryptocurrency, Education, Medical, Marketing, Fintech, Product-Sales, Saas, Saas2, Social Apps, and more, Oiron serves as an ideal platform for businesses to showcase and promote their profiles, products, or services effectively.



Upwind stands as a fully responsive, sleek, and contemporary React Tailwind Landing Page Template engineered to drive high conversion rates. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, it embodies pixel-perfect HTML5 design principles, leveraging React 18 and the latest Tailwind CSS V3.3.1. Offering 8 home demos and 3 authentication pages, Upwind ensures versatility and functionality. With well-organized files and easy customization, setting up and editing is quick and hassle-free. Additionally, it features Dark and RTL themes, further enhancing its appeal and accessibility.



Zoric is a contemporary HTML5/CSS3 responsive landing page template, designed to be modern, simple, and adaptable. With clean features and a unique style, it brings a fresh look to your website. Ideal for businesses and agencies, Zoric offers 6 HTML files for versatile home applications. Thanks to its well-organized structure, using and editing these files is straightforward. This template is efficiently organized and easily customizable, making it a convenient choice for your projects.



Jano is an incredibly versatile and high-performing website template, offering a total of 13 home pages and over 51 multi-page demos and variants. With its array of stunning plugins, ideas, and designs, Jano provides the perfect solution for crafting a modern website tailored to your specific needs. Built with the latest NextJS + Bootstrap 5 technology, this template is suitable for a wide range of users, including corporate entities, agencies, freelancers, individuals, and businesses of all types. Whether you need to showcase your company history, services, works, portfolio, or projects, Jano ensures a creative and professional presentation.



Monst is a versatile template designed for SASS, Agency, and Startup websites, built on NextJS and Tailwind CSS 2.x. It offers a plethora of pre-designed layouts for both home and inner pages, ensuring maximum customization options.

By utilizing Monst ReactJS Tailwind CSS template, you can significantly reduce web development expenses and minimize design costs.

The template leverages styled-components and meticulously crafted custom components to maintain optimal performance without sacrificing speed. Additionally, styled components facilitate seamless modification of the website's appearance, providing an effortless way to tailor the design to your preferences.



Agon is a versatile template designed for SASS, Agency, and Startup websites, based on NextJS. It offers a wide range of pre-designed layouts for both home pages and inner pages, providing ample options for customization.

By utilizing Agon – Multipurpose Agency NextJS Template, you can circumvent costly web development and reduce design expenses significantly.



Unice is an ideal Responsive & Multi-Purpose Next.js Template suitable for various projects. Whether you're developing for Business, Corporate, SEO Agency, Digital Agency, Travel, Real Estate, Media Agency, Personal Resume, Food Recipes, Photography, News, Non-Profit, Event & Conference, Gym, Music, CV/Resume, Spa, Portfolio, Magazine, Parallax, Wedding, Restaurant, Blog, or App Showcase, Unice has you covered. It offers flexibility to cater to a wide range of needs, including App Landing, Sass Landing, Enterprise Landing, and more. With Unice, the possibilities are endless.



OLMO is a fantastic collection of versatile and innovative React landing page templates designed to showcase your Software, App, SaaS, Startup, or business ventures. Tested rigorously for responsiveness, it ensures an impeccable appearance across all devices without the use of jQuery.

With 27 home variations and various inner pages, OLMO caters to a wide range of industries. It offers over 70 exclusive section UI blocks, allowing you to mix and match to create a unique and tailored look for your project in a short span of time.



Mojosa sets itself apart with its meticulous construction using React, Next.js, ES6+, and Bootstrap, prioritizing mobile-first design for seamless and visually captivating experiences on all devices. With over 27 inner pages available, encompassing features like Shopping Cart, Coming Soon, and 404 Pages, Mojosa provides a comprehensive solution for diverse website needs.

Moreover, Mojosa offers RTL versions tailored for Arabic and Hebrew languages, facilitating easier engagement with diverse audiences. Designed to accommodate multi-niche and multipurpose landing pages, Mojosa presents a wide array of templates for initiatives spanning SaaS, App, Digital Marketing, Product, Software, Book, Startup Agency, Payment Processing, and beyond.



Dorsin is a Responsive Landing Page Template constructed using ReactJs and the renowned Bootstrap framework version 5.3.0. It's an ideal choice for showcasing app products, startups, personal websites, and web agencies. With easy customization options, you can tailor it to suit your specific requirements effortlessly. Its beauty shines across all screen sizes, including monitors, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android mobiles, and tablets. Equipped with everything necessary, Dorsin enables you to launch your site within a couple of hours!



Finity React Next JS Landing Page is meticulously crafted using React and Next JS, with no jQuery dependencies. These landing pages are tailored for integration with your React app. Moreover, Finity integrated a user-friendly file management system, streamlining the process of editing and deploying your landing pages for faster and more efficient workflows.



Keystroke is a contemporary Responsive Multi-Purpose Multi-Page React JS template designed for startup digital agencies and SEO agencies offering design, development, and online marketing services. With versatile options for Creative Agency, Creative Portfolio, Creative Agency MultiPurpose, and Landing Page React JS templates, Keystroke caters to a variety of needs in the digital realm.



Genial is an exceptional React Next Landing Template crafted with React, Next.js, and ES6+, completely free of jQuery dependencies. Featuring reusable React components, it's tailored for various niche-based initiatives. Each landing page and inner page is uniquely designed to elevate the end-user experience.

The Mobile-First Design ensures the template looks stunning on all screens and devices, prioritizing seamless usability. Currently, Genial offers landing page variations including SaaS, App, Freelancer, Software, Agency, Payment Processing, Car Subscription, with more niches slated for addition soon.



Bithu – NFT Minting / Collection React.JS, Next JS Landing Page Template is tailored for the metaverse NFT launch, encompassing NFT Collections, Roadmap, Team Member, and FAQs sections. Additionally, it features a Web 3.0 wallet connection popup supporting Metamask, Formetic, Coinbase, and more.

Bithu offers a comprehensive solution for NFT Mint Landing pages, boasting a modern design and captivating color palettes. It includes all necessary sections and elements to create an engaging NFT portfolio Landing page, covering various types of pages within the template package.



Upcover is a meticulously crafted, fully responsive, and modern Next.js landing page template designed for high conversion rates. It's built on Next 14.x, React 18.x, and Tailwind CSS V3.4.1, ensuring pixel-perfect design and seamless performance. With 7 home demo files included, Upcover offers versatility for various projects. All files are thoughtfully organized for easy use and editing. This template is well-structured and highly customizable, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.



CintisAi is a responsive website template tailored for AI Content Writing/Generator websites. Specifically designed for AI Writer, Copywriting, OpenAI Content Generator, or AI Content Writing platforms, CintisAi offers the perfect foundation for building your website.

This template is fully flexible, user-friendly, and responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices including desktops, tablets, and mobiles.



AppCo is a React App Landing Page Template designed to showcase your app effectively. Fully responsive and mobile-friendly, it offers a seamless experience across various devices. With its clean and powerful design, AppCo is ideal for presenting and selling your product. This highly customizable and SEO-friendly template ensures that your app gets the attention it deserves. Crafted by high-level professionals, AppCo provides a user-friendly and customizable solution for your app landing page needs.



Peyso is a Startup Landing Page template designed to be quick, easy to customize, and responsive. It offers 9 React.js pages with 6 variations for the home page and 3 Authentication pages. Built with React.js 18x and Bootstrap v5.3.2, Peyso ensures a modern and beautiful design that provides users with a unique and pleasant user experience. With its clean and customizable layout, you can effortlessly tailor it to suit your specific needs.



Appie – Multipurpose Saas & Software Next.js Template is a cutting-edge and adaptable template crafted with contemporary design trends and advanced technology. Perfect for SaaS, software, or app landing pages, it boasts a sleek and innovative layout, ideal for highlighting your product features, pricing plans, and user testimonials. Utilizing Next.js, the template ensures server-side rendering and optimized performance, enhancing user experience. Moreover, it incorporates SEO-friendly markup to improve search engine visibility.



MXapp is a sleek one-page app landing page React template designed for showcasing your mobile app on your website. Utilizing the latest responsive Bootstrap 5 framework, this template offers a creative platform for presenting your app or product. Developed with the latest web design trends in mind, MXapp features clean code that is easy to use and customize, making it developer-friendly.



Aai – AI Content & Copywriting SaaS Landing Page React Nextjs Template, tailor-made to cater to the unique needs of your industry.Designed to serve Content Marketers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Small Business Owners, Social Media Specialists, Tech Entrepreneurs, and professionals in the field, this template is perfectly suited for AI content generation, AI content creation, AI copywriting, AI landing pages, ChatGPT integration, and more.



Quiety is a robust, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly solution tailored for IT solutions and SAAS companies. Built with the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework, it offers 11 stunning homepages and 34+ inner pages for comprehensive customization. This template is highly responsive across all devices, ensuring a beautiful presentation on every screen size. Specifically designed for companies, agencies, and startups in the realm of desktop and mobile applications, SaaS, software, IT solutions, and digital products, Quiety provides a powerful platform for showcasing your offerings.



Eventrox is a contemporary React template crafted for Conference, Event, Meetup, Seminar, Exhibition, Congress, Meeting, Business Conference, and Event Management websites. With a fully responsive layout, it seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions, from desktops to tablets, iPads, iPhones, and small mobile devices. Built with React and Bootstrap 5.x, Eventrox also features RTL support, making it ideal for Arabic language-based websites. It is developer-friendly, fast, lightweight, clean, and contains W3 valid source code, ensuring a smooth and efficient website-building experience.



Starty is a robust and responsive React template that serves as a versatile solution for a wide range of businesses and purposes. Whether you're launching a Startup Business, Corporate Business, Finance venture, Application, Saas platform, SEO Agency, Digital Marketing endeavor, or even a Restaurant, Coffee and Cafe, Starty has you covered.

Built with React 18.x and Bootstrap v5.x, Starty offers 18+ stunning niche home page demos to kickstart your project. With 20+ portfolio styles, you can showcase your portfolio in a captivating manner.



Masco is a cutting-edge React template tailored for diverse digital agencies, Saas products, software, app showcases, and related products/services. It caters to individuals looking to launch their application, software business, startup, or agency website, offering a versatile platform for showcasing apps or products.

Boasting a 100% responsive design, Masco ensures optimal performance across all major browsers and devices. Whether you're presenting an app landing page or showcasing various applications, Masco provides a seamless and visually stunning experience for your audience.



Winck is a visually stunning and fully responsive React template, designed as a perfect foundation for creative and professional websites. Utilizing pure Reactjs and Redux framework, it offers a powerful and flexible platform for various purposes.

Winck serves as an excellent landing page for developers, engineers, specialists, designers, content writers, instructors, photographers, freelancers, politicians, software engineers, teachers, agencies, startups, shopping platforms, and businesses alike. Its 100% responsive design ensures a captivating user experience across all devices.



Shiftkey is a meticulously crafted Premium Multi-Purpose Landing Pages Pack with pixel-perfect precision and meticulous attention to detail. It's purposefully designed to showcase and promote your Mobile App, Software, or Startup website with elegance and effectiveness.