31 Game



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About the project

A React game based on Blackjack. Instead of trying to reach 21 points, the user must reach 31, without exceeding the limit. I used this project to, not only practice my React and JavaScript skills, but also test my CSS mastery.


This projects uses:

  • npm as package manager
  • react as component library
  • css as component stylizer
  • webpack as module bundler
  • babel as JavaScript transpiler
  • firebase as hosting service


Clone this repository or download the source code. You will need node and npm installed on your machine.

Run npm install to install all required dependencies

After that, run npm run dev, to run the application locally in localhost:3080, or npm run build, to generate a production build of the project.


This project’s version is completed. In the future, I will implement a Player VS ComputerAI version of this game.


MIT License @ André da Silva Rato


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